"Windermere is the most poorly managed, unethical and predatory real estate company in America—thoroughly dishonest and incompetent. Ethical agents are growing more reluctant to show Windermere listings, and potentially expose their clients to such catastrophic jeopardy. WindermereWatch.com is an indispensable internet news and opinion resource that provides hard evidence why consumers, agents and prospective realty franchisees should avoid Windermere Real Estate at all costs."

A public service consumer advocate reporting clear, compelling evidence of America's most dangerous and unethical corporate predator, Windermere Real Estate. When your home is listed for sale by Windermere, the resulting commission will fund Windermere's predatory legal strategies against other Windermere customers damaged by unscrupulous Windermere brokers, agents and franchise owners. Protect your life, home, family and future by cancelling or not renewing your Windermere listing. Don't risk doing business with Windermere Real Estate, the brand built on lies, fraud and ruined lives.

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THE COMPLETE WINDERMERE WASHINGTON LITIGATION HISTORY in comprehensive listings of Windermere Real Estate lawsuits from KING and PIERCE and SNOHOMISH counties, and all Washington counties where Windermere cases have been filed: Benton Chelan Clallam Clark Columbia Cowlitz Franklin Grant Grays Harbor Island Jefferson Kitsap Kittitas Lewis Mason Pacific Pend Oreille San Juan Skagit Spokane Stevens Thurston Wahkiakum Walla Walla Whatcom Whitman Yakima

Download the complete Windermere litigation history from ALL Washington counties here.




...A NOTICE OF MOTION AND MOTION FOR PROTECTIVE ORDER FILED IN THE PRECEDING WINDERMERE COACHELLA CASE ON JULY 11, 2011, STATES: "A grand jury and FBI investigation have been instituted to discover whether any criminal wrongdoing arose out of Plaintiff's allegations in this case." CLICK TO THIS REPORT




If anything goes wrong in your Windermere home transaction—despite whatever clear, convincing evidence of wrongdoing or misconduct you may present—Windermere legal strategy will force you to sue in an effort to stall and exhaust your financial resources on litigation before trial. This web page reports many such cases.


Through the fees and commissions that Windermere agents and brokers pay to their Windermere franchise owners—who in turn pay fees and commissions to franchiser Windermere Services Company—every Windermere agent, broker, and Windermere office is a knowing partner to Windermere marketing fraud, and its predatory conduct in local communities.

Your sale or purchase of a home means big commission to a realty agent, their broker, and the company they represent. Consumers have the right—indeed, the responsibility—to review public information which documents the unethical history of a company to whom they may consider trusting their home.

Public information lists the following Windermere office location, agent/broker sales personnel, and staff:

Windermere Pullman


Office Address:
Windermere Pullman Moscow
1125 NW Nye Street, Suite B
Pullman, WA 99163


Phone: 509-334-3530
Fax: 509-338-9134
Email: pullman@windermere.com
Website: www.PullmanMoscowHomes.com


Chris Clark
Jacob T Davis
Lynn Kramer
Windermere Pullman-Moscow
Jeri Rainer
Jess Rainer
Beth Semingson
A Smith
Alise Smith
Amy Wang


Windermere Puyallup


Office Address:
Windermere Real Estate/Puyallup Inc.
12114 104th Ave. E.
Puyallup, WA 98374


Phone: 253-845-5900
Fax: 253-845-0113
Email: jnichols@windermere.com
Website: www.WindermerePuyallup.com


Cindi Allison
Shannon Armstrong
Larry Bargmeyer
Chuck Brockway
Rose Corey
Puyallup Fax
Fred Goehler
Carolyn Graham
Dana Grant
Tim Hermansen
Kylee Hill
Brenda Holmes
Mike Hurter
Steve Hurter
Melanie Imber
Windermere Real Estate/Puyallup, Inc
puyallup Info
Kelly Inman
Vickie Jennings
Von Karl Inman
Justin Kenney
Mark Kitabayashi
Mark Kitabayashi
Jason Mendel
Jeanne Merola
Cathy Morris
Jessica Mustain
Alex Nichols
Ellah Nichols
Jane Nichols
Kristy O'Brien

Rob Pollard
Josh Prieur
Mary Richard
Hector Rios
Rachel Ross
Donna Rudebaugh
Jaryd Ruffner
Ryan Sand
Stacy Schwartz
Gina Short
Mark Silverman
Jami Wilson


Windermere Quincy


Office Address:
Windermere Real Estate/Central Basin, LLC
503 S. Central Ave
Quincy, WA 98848

Phone: 509-787-4536
Fax: 509/787-8707
Email: quincy@windermere.com
Website: www.windermere.com


Debra Adams
Kelly Field
Daja Mayfield
Quincy Office
Tom Parrish
Linda Ray


Windermere Realty Group-Vancouver


Office Address:
Windermere/Realty Group
237 Chkalov Drive #215
Vancouver, WA 98684


Phone: (360) 823-0404
Fax: (503) 675-8268
Email: lakeoswegowest@windermere.com


Yousef Abraha
Internet Coordinator
Joeseph Daiker
Robin Denburg
Kristin Duyn

Windermere Redmond

Office Address:
Windermere Real Estate/East, Inc.
16261 Redmond Way
Redmond, WA 98052

Phone: 425-883-0088
Fax: 425-885-7210
Email: redmond@windermere.com
Website: www.redmond.windermere.com

Lisa Brand
Jim Brown
Kara Deak
Matt Deasy
Jason Decker
Jason Decker
Joel Dugan
Bill Ebert
Tricia Ebert
Shelley Elenbaas
Kim Gallert
Buck Hoffman
Corky Irvin
Corky Ivrin
Amy Maggio
Dianne Masaoka
Pat McDonnell
Sherry Newman
Danyelle O'Neal
Jan Patton
Autumn Reid
Justin Robbins
Jutta Roehrig-Strainer
Derek Rothe
Broker Services
David Simpson
Shirley Sterner
Jodi Stull
Redmond Transactions
Kristi Vellema
Maggie Vreeburg
Tim Vreeburg

Sarah Weinold
Samantha Ying

Windermere Relocation and Referral Services

Office Address:
Windermere Relocation
301 N.E. 100th Street, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98125

Phone: (866) 941-3936 (206) 526-7730
Fax: (206) 526-7613
Email: Relocation@Windermere.com
Website: www.windermererelocation.com

Office Administration
Theresa Barker
Lisa Cox
Rose Hardiman
Cauline Osenbach
Chip Painter
Debbi Russell
Peggy Scott
Kathy Serrato
Relocation Services

Windermere Relocation- Mountain West

Office Address:
Windermere Services Mountain West
25 W. Cataldo, Ste. A
Spokane, WA 99201

Phone: 509-468-9410
Fax: 509-468-3203
Email: spokane@windermere.com

Rebekah Singer
Janet Weldon

Windermere Renton

Office Address:
Windermere Real Estate/Renton, Inc.
3800 NE 4th Street
Renton, WA 98056

Phone: 425-235-7777
Fax: 425-226-0130
Email: renton@windermere.com
Website: www.windermererenton.com

Joan Addington
Sandra Bolden
Mindy Brady
Chelsea Brown
Jenn Burgart
Lisa Contreras
Cheryl Coupens
Larry Crim
Official Delivery
Mira Demireva
Mark Follmer
Bill Grover
Teresa Grover
Jana Gustafson
Sue Hammermaster
Tom Huxtable
Renton, Inc.
Darlene Johnson
Lisa Lam
Ian Lunsford
Sue Lunsford
Heather Maddox
Erin Maxwell
Marcie Maxwell
Jason Moore
Michelle Moore
James Nevin
Manuel "Manny" Ovena
Mika Peart
Cyd Phillips
Dan Phillips
Ed Ruth, Associate Broker, MBA

DeeDee Shirkey
Stacey Stuart
Jeff Taylor
Caren Tobolski
Timothy Tran
Linda Wagner
Jody Warren
Michelle Woo ABR, CRS, CSP
Brad Yeager

Windermere Renton-Tukwila South

Office Address:
Windermere Real Estate/PSR, Inc.
3900 E Valley Rd, Suite 200
Renton, WA 98057

Phone: 425-277-5900
Fax: 425-277-6099
Email: RentonSouth@Windermere.com
Website: rsoffice.withwre.com/

Mark Barron
Joe Bernasconi
Debbie Boyett
Dori Brashear
Scott Cannon
Beth Clement
Jennifer Clukey
Internet Coordinator
Bill Cox
Caprice Y. Davis
Jimm Elliott
Mike Elliott
Kim Grinolds
Teresa Hempstead
Kylee Henken
Christina Clymer Jarvis
Janet Jassen
Larry Jassen
Pat Larkin
Justin Laukala
Candace Legg-Cadigan
Roger Maggio
Aleni Mang
Tim McCormick
Jason Moore
Sonja Morella
Darla Morton
Robbin Ott
Aaron Peterson
Charles Peterson
Sarah Peterson
Renton PSR, Inc.

Darleen Rasmussen
Kelli (Prentice) Riehm
Carole Saffell
Roger Schluter
Kay Storhoff
Deborah Taylor, Assoc. Broker
Anne Thoreen
Nate Thornton
Paul J Wilson

Windermere Republic

Office Address:
Windermere Republic
728 S. Clark Ave
Republic, WA 99166


Phone: 509-775-3004
Fax: 509-775-0235
Email: bjb@windermere.com
Website: www.windermere.com


Team Baldwin
Bill J. Baldwin
Windermere Republic


Windermere San Juan Island

Office Address:
Windermere Real Estate/San Juan Island
50 Spring Street, P.O. Box 488
Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Phone: 360-378-3600/ 800-262-3596
Fax: (360)378-5916
Email: info@windermeresji.com
Website: www.windermeresji.com

Mary Jane Anderson
Samantha Bryner
Bette Cantrell
Tim Daniels
Tiffany Danley
Shawn Danley, Property Manager
Debbie Dardanelli
Kathryn Farron
Abbie Finney
Gary Franklin
Bill Giesy
Sue Gordon
Thalya Harvey
Rebecca Hughes
Greg King
Denece Kost
Lisa Lawrence
Michael Linehan
Sybil Mager
Property Manager
Tawny Martel Galligan
Vail McClure
Linda McMahon
Chita Miller
Robert Nieman
Pat O'Day
Windermere San Juan Island
Richard Sandmeyer
Zita Sandmeyer
Annette Schaffer
Monica Van Appel-Percich
Tamara Weaver

Windermere Seattle-Ballard

Office Address:
Windermere Real Estate/Northwest, Inc.
2636 NW Market Street
Seattle, WA 98107

Phone: 206.789.7700
Fax: 206.782.4166
Email: ballard@windermere.com
Website: windermereballard.com

Arline Abrams
Cheri Adams
Jody Baker
Ken Balter
Marilynn Balter
Julie Beall
Tom Bernard
Steve Blackbourn
Kelly Blake
Lynn Blind
Mary Bond
Robert Boyd
Ingrid Brinkley
Robert Brittingham
Internet Coordinator
Lance Cormier
Mary Durkan
Mary Durkan
Bonnie Ellsworth
Ballard Fax
Ballard Files
Darci Gillespie
Sarah Goehle
Daniel Greenfield
Christopher Grimm
Gunnar Hadley
Laura Hanson
Rebecca Hartsook
Bob Hedlund
Patti Hill
BG Hook
Gloria Jackson

Jane Johnson
Aaron Kahn
Don Kenney
Nicole LaChasse
Loretta Larson
Greg Lewis
Leslie Manchester
Mary Beth McConachie
Megan McKibbin
Sara Medford
Bob Melvey
Tom Moorman
Miquelle Moreno
Jessica Morsley
Dane Murphy
Dane Murphy
Ballard Office
Jamie Pauley
Karen Peterson
Sulcer And Ward Real Estate
Christine Olsen Reis
Susan Robinson
Brent Sanders
Leslie Sanders
Georgia Selfridge
Paul F. Simpson
Kelly Souder
Darlene Sozinho
Greg Stamolis
Hailey Steiner
Ben Stigler
Cari A. Sulcer
Yvonne Svasand
Michael Tade
Richard Taylor
Erica Topel
Sam Ward
Beth Ann Warner
Lee Whalen
Tim Wong
Mike Woods
Stacie Youngblood


Windermere Seattle-Capitol Hill

Office Address:
Windermere Real Estate/Capitol Hill, Inc.
1112 19th Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98112

Phone: 206-324-8900
Fax: 206-328-1716
Email: caphill@windermere.com
Website: www.homeinseattle.com

Thadine Bak
Ted A. Bash
Julie Bouscaren
Sandy Brown
Kathryn Buchanan
Matt Coats
Internet Coordinator
Stacey Cross
Sarah Cushing
Linda Daniel
Beth Dennis
Heather Dolin
Deirdre Doyle
Bill Drummond
Philip Farrar
Rachel Findlay
Tom Fine
Diane Ginthner
Kristopher Ginthner
Cortney Greene
Patrick Grimm
Paul Grimm
Mark Hanses
Matt Hanses
Marlow Harris
Michael Harris
Stan Hartmann
Erick Hazelton
Philip Heier
Samuel Hilbert
Brad Hinckley
Andrew Jackson

Gregg Jackson
Diane Ginther & Kris Ginthner
Loren Kronen
Marco Kronen
Diane Lancaster
Wendy Leung
Paul Levold
Margaret Lyles
Emma McAleavy
Monica McCormick
John McKenna
Felice Molitor-Hudson
Joe Nabbefeld
Stacey Nice-McCannel
Peter Olive
Jim Paddleford
Jeff Parker
Jim Patterson
Mary Kay Perrigo
Jackie Leone Pleasant
Ian Porter
Terry Proctor
Bethany Rahoi
Casey Rosenberg
Clancy Small
Casey Smith
Greg Smith
Jeff Smith
Sara Stephenson
Scott Strodel
Don Taufen
Tracy Treseder
Dustin Van Wyck
Sally Welch
Yami Williams
Pat Woodley
Margie Zech

Windermere Seattle-Eastlake

Office Address:
Windermere Real Estate/Northwest, Inc.
214 East Galer St., Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98102-3707

Phone: 206-448-6000
Fax: 206-623-6533
Email: eastlake@windermere.com
Website: www.windermereeastlake.com/

Ted Alton
Kelley Meister and Amie Stewart
Jeannette Ault
Ashley Azeltine
Mark Besta
Penny Bolton
Darcy Breene
Scott Burdette
Ben Carr
Liz Chalmers
Internet Coordinator
Pat Craft
Patrick Curry
John Daniels
Jim Dickinson
Eastlake Email
Rebecca Evans
Eastlake Fax
Julie Finstad
Steve Foss
Kevin Gaspari
Carmen Gayton
Lyle George
Charlotte Graham
Mary Granen
Dina Harvey
Kimberly Hobbs
Mark Hobbs
Paula Holtzclaw
Jeremey Johnson
Monte Johnson
Padraic Jordan

Tracy Joshi
Robyn Kimura-Hsu
Laura Ko
Tashana Kolanowski
Heather Lavin
David Ledingham
Danny Lee
Mary F. Louis
Shawn Lovell
Gerry McBarron
Tracie McGovern
Mimi McHugh
Reilly McHugh
Chris McQuillan
Kelley Meister
Linda Moline
Michael D. Nelson
Keith Nyberg
Cricket O'Neill
Lindy Oden
Denise Perkins
Shane Petersen
Erika Peterson
Lars Peterson
Bruce Phares
Fiore Pignataro
LeAnne Quinn
Penny Bolton Rebecca Evans
Rena Ritchey
Mark Rockwell
Joy Rothrock
Rachel Schindler
Jan Selvar
Jeff Severns
Donovan Shelton
Laurie Shields
Tadashi Shiga
Terri Smith
Amie Stewart
Monte Swears
David Updike
Dena Varriale
Mike Walker
Lise Wang
Carol Yamamoto
Dustin Ziegelmann

Windermere Seattle-Green Lake

Office Address:
Windermere Real Estate Company
7300 East Green Lake Drive North
Seattle, WA 98115

Phone: (206) 957-9441
Fax: (206) 957-9446
Email: greenlake@windermere.com
Website: seattle-green-lake.windermere.com

Randy Anderson
Adam Capp
Internet Coordinator
Mark Corcoran
Peggy Frasse
Tina Garcia
Garret Grob
Samuel Harris
Tyler Jones
Shannon Laskey
Paul Lavrinec
Ian MacMillan
Amanda McGowen
B.J. Mellema
Kristin Munger
Helen Pinel
April Rauch
Jamie Silbaugh
Jason Smith

Windermere Seattle-Greenwood

Office Address:
Windermere Real Estate Greenwood
311 N. 85th
Seattle, WA 98103

Phone: 206-527-5250
Fax: 206-527-3804
Email: greenwood@windermere.com
Website: www.windermeregreenwood.com

Bruce Barnum
Juliet Beard
Craig Brooke-Weiss
Coni H. Butler
Beth Bylund
Matthew Carroll
Steven Craft
Mark DeSpain
Melissa Duane
Gary Everist
Debi Fortin
Leslie Fox
Richae Fox
Dan Fresonke
Sharon Giampietro
Jeff Green
Mija Hamilton
Patti Hennessey
Diana Hoang
HAL and JEFF Homes
Phinney Ballard Homes
Blaine Hooper
Dave Hynden
Adrian Jensen
Linda Juliano
Marguerite Knutson
Vera Koch
Steve Laevastu
Byron Lawrence
Inger Lawrence
Debbie Lee
Kirk Levandoski

Brent D. Lumley
Maggie Mallett
Michelle Markwood
Kathy Moeller
Christian Moulin
Rick Nimmer
Sharon O'Mahony
Gwen Oaksmith
Mauri Oaksmith
Greenwood Office
Blair & Jan Paul
Julie Polkinghorn
Jackie Proteau
Debra R. Brownell
Hal Rappaport
Robin Reed
Eva Richards
Peter Richmond
Renee Roberts
Jan Robinson
Kyle Rose
Melissa Ross
Diana Russell
Wendy Saddler
Jeff Saeger
Pieter Salverda
Gregory Sciborski
Gene Seguin
Molly Shutes
Scott Shutes
Tara Silicio
David Sligar
Suzanne Spano
Diane Lembo Talley
Liz Talley
Jeffrey Valcik
Mick Walls
Ann Walsh
Scott Waterman
Kim Wesselman
Jayne Williamson
Bonnie Wyatt
Roberta Zook

Windermere Seattle-Lakeview

Office Address:
Windermere Real Estate Company
1920 North 34th Street
Seattle, WA 98103

Phone: (206) 527-5445
Fax: (206) 526-7652
Email: lakeview@windermere.com
Website: seattle-lakeview.windermere.com

Catherine Adams
Shawna Ader
Patty Allen
Mark Anton
Maria Banchero
Leanne Becker
Bob Bennion
Heather Berger
Laura Bollard
Joanie Brennan
Carol Burns
Tamara Canero
TallyAnn Carroll
Susie Carter Johnson
Lesly Chapman
Kelly Chinn
Patrick Chinn
Erica Clibborn
Sarah Clifton
Javila Creer
Chet Crile
Bob Deville
Ann Dover
Jennings Doyle
Michael Doyle
Christina Economou
Joe Everyagent
Daniel Farmer
Kathleen Farrar
Marlene Fletcher
Julie Friedman
John Gilbert

Jim Goldberg
Sylvia Hubbert
Cherie Keller
Charlotte Killien
Lori Knuckey
Steve Leland
Christine Lewis
Emily Mapel
Tamara Marson
Laurie McLennan
Jenny Miller
Shelley Miller
Lynn Murphy
Lakeview Office
Don Parker
Ashlyn Pawlak
Kenna Pearson
Betsy Pepper
Anne Marie Peterson
Gary Peterson
Liz Petrillo
Cindy Rach
Shane Ristine
Honeylet Rota
Rosie Rothrock
Mary Alice Shea
Lucy Short
Cassandra Stoneberg
Lisa Strain
Linda Tallahan
Cliff Tanner
Diane Terry
Theresa Truex
Jennifer Van Wiel
Rene Villanueva
Dan Wilcynski
Larry Wilcynski
Max Wurzburg
Evan Wyman
Stacey Zorzi

Windermere Seattle-Madison Park

Office Address:
Windermere Real Estate/Northwest, Inc.
4015 East Madison
Seattle, WA 98112

Phone: (206) 324-0000
Fax: (206) 324-1525
Email: madisonpark@windermere.com
Website: www.windermeremadisonpark.com

Aubin Barthold
Laura Bethel
Robin L. Black
Jeanine Burke
Barbara A. Cahill
John Coake
Judy Striker Curran
Phoebe Day
Fedva Dikmen
Shane Doran
Tim Feeman
Shannon Gardner
Bill Garrison
Jim Gram
Michael Griffin
Beth Hale
Dave Hale
Kimberly Striker Hall
Jonathan Himschoot
Kathryn Hinds
Jane A. Johnson
Pam Johnson
Cheryl Jones
Shavic Jones
Darcy LaBelle
Alyson Lapan
Michele Layton
Scott Malatos
A. Carol McDaniel
Lilly Milic
Kate Morgan
Kevin O'Doherty

Madison Park
Scott Perret
Amy Sajer
Susan Sellin
Marilyn Smith
Mary P. Snyder
Hoady Spencer
Susan Stasik
Susan Stocking
Liz Suver
John Swofford
Kim Thomas
Lincoln Thompson
Debra Thompson Harvey
Nick Upshaw
Shannon Vincent

Windermere Seattle-Magnolia

Office Address:
Windermere Real Estate/Wall St., Inc.
3214 W McGraw Street, Suite 102
Seattle, WA 98199

Phone: 206-284-8989
Fax: 206-284-2184
Email: magnolia@windermere.com
Website: www.windermere-magnolia.com

Office Account
Charlie Allen
Gratzi Anderson
Lilia Blomgren
Bill Calhoun
Internet Coordinator
Patricia Corbin
Jackie DiGangi
Doug Gehrke
Joan and Doug Gehrke
James Goodman
Patty Groesbeck
Veronica Hapgood
Marli Iverson
Barbara Jones
Russ Katz
Matthew L Koenig
Carolyn Lathrop
Colleen McCann
Brianna McTee
Sherry Moody
Karen Paulsen
John Petrov
Michael Plunkett
Eileen Quackenbush
Greg Shaw
Angela Siderius
Aaron Spring
Karen Stern
JR Torres, J.D.
John Wellman
Tom Wilbanks

Windermere Seattle-Mount Baker

Office Address:
Windermere Real Estate/Northwest, Inc.
4919 South Genesee Street
Seattle, WA 98118

Phone: (206) 725-7255
Fax: (206) 725-0971
Email: mountbaker@windermere.com
Website: WindermereMtBaker.com

Cabby Albright
Samson Asfaw
Simone Bouterse
Annsianne (Susi) Burdick
Virginia Calvin
Nancy Chapin
Nick Chicka
Susan Cole
Internet Coordinator
Sabranie Coyne
Susan Davidson
Ted Dietz
Dorothy Driver
Buy Dwell
Joe Easterday
Warren Farmer
Daniel Givens
E.J. Gong
Steven Gorecki
Su Harambe
Monique Harris Jones
Cherie Hasson
Debbie Heard
Serena Heslop
Al Johnson
Scott Jones
Freda Leomiti
Leslie Lowe
Carolyn Mollot
Claire Newman
Ken Nicholas
Heather O'Malley

Beverly Powers
Laurie Samuelsen
Rhonda Smith
Erik Stanford
Steven Sterling
Dolly Tokunaga
Steven Wayne
Infax windermere
MountBaker windermere
Outfax windermere
Jeff Wolfe

Windermere Seattle-Northgate

Office Address:
Windermere Real Estate Company
301 NE 100th St, Suite #200
Seattle, WA 98125

Phone: 206-526-5544
Fax: 206-526-7613
Email: northgt@windermere.com
Website: northgate.withwre.com/

Frank Airey
Marshall Airey
Phyllis Allison
Ted Allison
Scott Anderson
Tyler Anderson
Barrick Benson
Michael Bill
Pamela Blessing
Dick Carruthers
Susan Causin
Betsy Chamberlin
Bill Collison
Cathy Cowan
Charlie Cowan
Thomas Cowan
Shelby Cramer
Karen Dawson Fortier
Daniel Dittmann
Northgate Fax
Andrew Fortier
Aaron Harrington
Jay Harrison
Tammy Hatch
Stefan Hoerschelmann
Carolyn Holm
Jason Howdeshell
Jarrett Johnson
Michael Jordan
Bill Lemcke
Fran Lilleness
Donna Lindsay

Lisa Long
Marshall Longtin
Adrienne Loop
Julie Manolides
David Marcoe
Carol McElroy
Nan Menard
Alison A. Moceri
Paul Myers
Northgate Office
Anthony Pagones
Elaine Pagones
Sandra Pappas
Kippie Pasowicz
John Pettas
Bentley Pugh
Michael Ravenscroft
Leslie Reed
Maria Rippee
David Rush
Ria Scott
Steve T. Senescall
Julie Shefts
Sasha Shefts
Ken Shiovitz
Brian Steiner
Irma Suntay
Everett Talvo
Peter Tang
Simone Tarver
Scott Thiessen
Carl Thorgerson
Matthew Townsend
Monica Tracey
Roger Turner
Jason Viydo
Dan Wallace
Scott Whaley
Marilyn Wick
Simone Willynck

Windermere Seattle-Northlake

Office Address:
Windermere Real Estate Company
17711 Ballinger Way N.E.
Lake Forest Park, WA 98155

Phone: 206-364-8100
Fax: 206-364-2614
Email: northlake@windermere.com
Website: windermerenorthlake.withwre.com

Sabah Al-Haddad
Marella Alejandrino
Myles Armstrong
Christopher Byler
Sandy Chisholm
Seetha Chittar
Karal Cox
Jan Craven-Greenberg
Office Email
Chris Emery
Ryan Francescutti
Kristin Frosaker
Joyce Hollenbeck
Ann Hovik
John Jacobi
Amanda Mayberry
Sheila McKee
Cheri Moll
Susan Mueller
Windermere Northlake
Beverly Prkacin Read
Maureen Richards
Kevin Scott
Kami Shaw
Marianna Smith
Leo Van Hollebeke

Windermere Seattle-Northwest

Office Address:
Windermere Real Estate/FN
12250 Greenwood Ave N
Seattle, WA 98133

Phone: 206-367-4720
Fax: 206-361-6943
Email: northw@windermere.com
Website: www.windermerenorthwest.com

Bruce Ainslie
Naureen Ali
Mary P. Anderson
Brooke Barnes
Susan Beals
Sandra Brenner
Debbie Cooper
Internet Coordinator
Erika Hartzog
Karen Hayes
Steve Hill
Shannon Hill Hanson
Cristina Jensen
Andrew Kim
Lindsay Kim
Carmen A. Kloth
Lexie Knull
Dennis Koepke
Wanda Kristjanson
Brian Landreville
Josephine LaRosa
David Malmgren
Sunshine McArthur
Dick McPhaden
Fritz Nichols
Northw Nichols
Nwfax Nichols
Nwscan Nichols
Officedocs Nichols
Carl Nicholson
Jill Nicholson
Sharilyn Patterson

Kay Rigley
Steve Hill and Sandra Brenner
Matthew Skeel
Tamara Stangeby
Jay Yancey


Windermere Seattle-Queen Anne


Office Address:
Windermere Real Estate/Wall Street, Inc.
214 W McGraw St.
Seattle, WA 98119


Phone: 206-283-8080
Fax: 206-283-5650
Email: queenanne@windermere.com
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